Sevastopol State University Develops a Unique System for the Study of Underwater Objects


Sevastopol State University together with the company Aurora will take part in a project called ‘Tandem’ to create a system for detecting and researching underwater objects. This was said by Sergei Dudnikov, Director of the Institute of the National Technological Initiative at Sevastopol State University,“Imagine that you need to explore in some water area, for example, a sunken pirate galleon.

A catamaran moves into the proposed area and when it arrives drones take off, which have a multispectral vision system that allows you to see what is not visible from the satellite. After the contour is determined, the catamaran launches a submarine to fulfill various tasks”, explained Sergei Dudnikov. The system combines unmanned surface navigation and underwater missions.

“The submarine developed by Aurora has several sensor systems and underwater robotics that are unique in many ways. Further plans for joint development include the task of implementing import substitution of all systems”, said Sergei Dudnikov.