Sevastopol State University will Expand the Training of Engineers for Design Centers of Microelectronics

The Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, spoke about the University’s key projects  with the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Denis Manturov, and the Acting Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, during the minister's visit to the State Enterprise ‘Granit’ which is part of the company Almaz-Antey. The delegation also visited the microelectronics design center that is being jointly created by Sevastopol State University and Granit.

“For us, the main project is the creation of a world class scientific and educational center on the site of Sevastopol State University, that in the future will turn into a scientific and technical center (STC). There are two key competencies here: intelligent instrumentat making related to modern radio electronics, digital design and the modeling of full-cycle categories. We project them on different National Technology Initiative markets. Interacting with our industrial partners, we see that this is a good basis to revive and strengthen the sector of the innovative economy in Sevastopol, carry out digital re-industrialization of existing industries, and create new centers related to instrument making. One of the key projects within the scientific and educational centre is the microelectronics design center”, said Vladimir Nechaev.

Minister Manturov noted that by 2024, it is planned to create about a hundred large design centers for microelectronics throughout Russia, and the design center in Sevastopol is especially relevant. On the spot, the minister decided to expand the training of specialists - future engineers for design centers based at Sevastopol State University next year.

“2,000 specialists should graduate throughout the whole or Russia by 2024. Some of the personnel can be trained by Sevastopol State University. Take on this specialization. It is necessary to increase the admission control figures. It will be good if at least 100 people, and maybe more, will be educated here”, the Minister said.

Also, within the framework of the minister's visit, an exhibition of high-tech enterprises and institutions of higher education and science participating in the development of innovative products or training personnel was held at the site of the innovative scientific and technical center of the State Enterprise ‘Granit’ which is part of the company Almaz-Antey. Aleksey Chuklin, Director of the Directorate of Scientific and Innovative Activities at Sevastopol State University, presented the developments of research teams at Sevastopol State University to the Minister.