V. Bondarev: "I Made This Choice 40 Years Ago And Would Not Like To Work In A Different Sphere"

An interview with the director of The Institute of Information Technology and Systems and Control Engineering Vladimir Bondarev

Noble face, in his eyes there are no digits or microchips but warmth and wisdom. Speaking with the director of the Institute Of Information Technology And Control In Technical Systems, Vladimir Nikolaevich Bondarev, you ask yourself if he really has a technical speciality?

The time of modern information technology is the time for breaking stereotypes.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, what were you like as a student?

- I was not a bad student, it is even possible to say I was an excellent one (he smiles). During all my years of study I only had excellent marks, a special “Lenin’s Scholarship”. I was the chairman of the faculty’s Komsomol Bureau. At that time it was an honour and it gave me a lot. I took an active part in the social life of the institute and doing so positively influenced my career. Also I worked in the Student Building Group, even after graduating from the university I worked as a chief engineer for the Student Building Group headquarters in Crimea.

- What is a typical student of the institute like?

- They are very active! They live in their computer in their own virtual world. It is good for a specialist but it is not enough for education. We try to make students participate in the university’s social life, cultural and sports events. We understand that such participation is necessary for their versatile education and development. I often tell students that for their profession it is necessary to broaden their points of view because they will not be able to develop good projects without doing so.

- You have accomplished a lot of scientific work in your career. What achievements are you most proud of?

- I started my work with the development of specialized computers, in particular, a system of the express analysis of sea waves and the sway of vessels was developed and it was awarded bronze and silver medals of VDNH (The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) of the USSR and Ukrainian SSR.

- Recently I have worked in the sphere of Neural Impulse Networks and I have big achievements in this field. Together with a colleague from Switzerland, Frank Ade, we wrote a textbook titled ‘Artificial Intelligence’ based on the corresponding course delivered at both our university and one in Zurich.
Lately I do only management work but scientific research is still in my heart.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, how is a program of state support of IT development realized in Sevastopol?

- To solve the problems that Sevastopol IT specialists faced due to Western sanctions an association of IT companies has been created and they are developing a program that should be approved by the City Administration of Sevastopol. Sevastopol State University is a member of this association and we are very interested in its work and take part in its meetings because it is the future of our graduates. There is always a gap between the demands of educational standards and the requirements of employers. Each working place is specific therefore each employer will never be fully satisfied with the set of and level of competencies of a graduate. We must know what requirements our students need to meet. We have great experience co-operating with IT companies in Sevastopol.

- Do you think that the graduates of your institute are able to compete with the graduates of the leading educational institutions in Russia?

- In order to answer this question I will give 2 examples. Our students regularly participate in the international competition, ‘IT Planet’, and not only participate but become prizewinners. Our students won 3rd place in the team competition in ‘Robotechnics’ held in Kazan. I think this is evidence that our students and graduates are highly sought after in the Russian market. We have great experience and our methodical work is constantly being improved and modernized. Our educational plans are formed to EU standards. Having become a Russian university we do not feel left behind.

- What advice would you give to those who have not chosen their profession yet but are inclined towards the IT sphere?

- I will answer from my own experience. I made this choice 40 years ago and still work enthusiastically in the IT field. I’m always impressed with the success that this sphere has achieved, it is just stunning. It is so fascinating for me that I don’t want to work in anything else. So I think that those who come to us and choose IT will not regret it.