A Department of Museum Work Expands the Scope of Activities in Chersonesos

The agreement on the extension and expansion of the activities of the Department of Museum Work and the Protection of Monuments of Historical and Cultural Heritage was signed by the Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, and the Director of the Chersonesos Tavricheskiy Museum-Reserve, Elena Morozova.

“Today we would like to strengthen our partnership with the university, and we are glad and grateful to the university for the fact that professional future personnel are being educated to work for the Chersonesos Tavricheskiy Museum-Reserve and this will replenish and strengthen our scientific and museum component”,said Elena Morozova at the signing of the agreement.

The university sees its task as training personnel for the spheres of history and culture in Sevastopol and Crimea.

“It is very important that we can train these personnel with the involvement of specialists from museums. In the first place this is the Chersonesos Museum, because in the scientific sense it is the main museum of the city. We will gradually start training restorers, which is also extremely important”, said Vladimir Nechaev.

Sevastopol State University has been cooperating with Chersonesos within the framework of the museum curatorial programme for three years. Future historians and specialists in museum work have practical work at the museum. Now the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations (IONMO) is expanding the scope of cooperation, and the department will provide not only bachelor's and master's programmes in museology, but also a master's programme in history related to archeology and the protection of historical and cultural heritage sites.

“To work at the department, we invite the leading specialists of the Chersonesos Museum, who are not only theorists, but also practitioners and can form the necessary competencies in students. Master classes are held on materials from expositions and fund collections. This allows a deeper understanding of the processes associated with the conservation and protection of monuments”, said the Deputy Director of IONMO, Elena Boytsova.