‘Dmitriy Donskoy’ – Winner of the Contest for the Marine Architecture of the Future

The Institute of Shipbuilding and Maritime Transport of Sevastopol State University has obtained the results of the contest-exhibition ‘Marine Architecture – A Look Into the Future’.

The fresh outlook of talented youth both in the design of vessels and construction technologies are especially sought after by the university in connection with the development of the project ‘Pioneer – M’ (a training and research vessel). Possibly this platform will allow the participants of the exhibition to put their ideas into practice under the supervision of experienced specialists in the nearest future.

The contest projects were presented by both students and schoolchildren. They could show their talents in different spheres: from art and 3D vessel models to modern hi-tech models built with the help of 3D modeling software. One of the projects, designed by the 2nd year student of the Department of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding, Oleg Hynku, was a vessel of the RO-RO class working on solar and wind energy. Due to its design it remains afloat even if a few parallel compartments become flooded.

Apart from contest projects the pupils of Sevastopol Childrens Flotilla presented exhibition models of ships of different classes (models in bottles, ampules or glass vessels and models made from manufactured sets of wood).

One of the surprises of the exhibition were paintings by the senior lecturer of the Department of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding, Anna Kuzmina.

The rector of Sevastopol State University, Valeriy Koshkin, shared his thoughts, ‘The high details of models and the knowledge of history, and the memory about heroic deeds of the nation and the look into the future astound’.

The Grand Prix prize of the exhibition for the model of the nuclear powered submarine, ‘Dmitriy Donskoy’, was awarded to the 3rd year student of the Department of Ocean Engineering Shipbuilding, Alexander Tsukanov.

The university rapidly develops, and projects of such a scale set a certain standard that others should aspire to. Welcome onboard Sevastopol State University!