Sevastopol State University, the Far Eastern University and the Baltic Federal University Will Create a University Consortium to Study the World’s Oceans

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Sevastopol State University, the Far Eastern University and the Baltic Federal University have signed an agreement to create a ‘University Consortium’. The consortium agreement was signed at the forum ‘Universities-2030: Science - Competencies – Youth’ in the presence of the Minister of Science and Higher Education’ Valery Nikolaevich Falkov.

The Universities will form a modern and effective system for training qualified personnel to fulfill the tasks of the socio-economic development of Russia, as well as create a world-class research and educational cluster in the study of the world’s oceans and coastal zones.

The priority areas of the University Consortium will be the implementation of joint educational programmes; conducting scientific and practical conferences, seminars, competitions and exhibitions and the formation and implementation of programmes to support talented youth.

“For Sevastopol State University, ocean research, marine research and technology and the study of the Greater Mediterranean region is one of the strategic priorities. Cooperation with colleagues from the Far Eastern University and the Baltic Federal University is an opportunity to create a nationwide university system for studying the oceans. It was the idea of the three rectors. Our universities are located in key points in the Russian Federation - bordering, in some ways even an enclave, under great pressure. All three regions have similar problems. All three regions are associated with ocean development. Each of the participants has their own competencies and their own science park. The cooperation allows conducting research and making measurements in at least three zones of the seas surrounding Russia. This enables very large-scale research that universities on their own are not capable of. The creation of this consortium is especially important for the formation of a world-class Research and Educational Centre ‘Marine Sciences, Technologies and Regional Ecosystems’ in Sevastopol”,said Vladimir Nechaev, the Rector of Sevastopol State University.

The scientific activities of the consortium members will be aimed at studying the oceans based on the integration of research and educational potential of universities with the involvement of leading Russian research organizations. It is also planned to implement networked research projects and expeditions.

“One of the priority scientific and at the same time applied areas in the Baltic Federal University is the study of the socio-economic development of the Baltic region, which has a powerful potential for international cooperation. Therefore, our researchers are already actively working to establish the direction in which international (transnational and cross-border) socio-economic regions will develop. And to what extent they will participate in the international regional formation of the Russian Federation. In addition, our scientists of the Department of Ocean Geography not only devote their numerous works to the study of the World’s Oceans, but also train specialists in the field of marine nature management. This means that the created consortium will become a new step for our university in the development of its own scientific potential and will help create a powerful research center for the study of the world’s oceans with partner universities in Russia”, said Alexander Fedorov, the Rector of the Baltic Federal University.

“The Far Eastern Federal University has rich experience in the study of the world’s oceans. Direct access to the seas of the Pacific and Arctic oceans allows the university to use its scientific potential to solve a whole range of problems in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and medicine. The creation of the consortium is an important step in building scientific collaboration with colleagues from other regions for complex interaction and the exchange of experience in the study of the oceans and their resources. In the future, we look forward to including other leading universities and research centers engaged in research in this most important area of ​​scientific and technological development into the consortium”, said Nikita Anisimov, the Rector of the Far Eastern University.