Sevastopol State University Participates in International Cooperation with Tunisia, France and Morocco


The Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations of Sevastopol State University was the organizer of the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian exodus ‘The Contribution of Russian Compatriots to the Development of Science and Culture of the Mediterranean Region’. The conference featured reports from colleagues from France, Tunisia, Morocco, and, of course, Russia.

“The Sevastopol State University project ‘The Great Mediterranean’ allows to combine different angles of view of the participants in the events of 1920 in Crimea in a common space and time of evolution, using the analysis of modern research trends and analytical developments concerning the study of the Mediterranean as a multi-component region”, said the Deputy Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations at Sevastopol State University, Svetlana Rubtsova.

Sevastopol State University takes an active part in events dedicated to the centenary of the Russian exodus, that are included in the program of the Russian and Tunisian Business Council in Moscow, Sevastopol and Bizerte (Tunisia).