Students at Sevastopol State University Solve Problems of Power Supply Enterprises of Crimea


Two student teams at Sevastopol State University are participating in the Autumn Cup of the Student League of the International Engineering Championship ‘CASE-IN’ - one of the projects of the presidential platform ‘Russia - the Land of Opportunities’ the students offer solutions for engineering problems for power supply enterprises in Sevastopol and Crimea.

More than 25 teams from different regions of Russia were invited to the competition. Twelve reached the semifinals and Sevastopol State University is represented by the teams ‘Amigosy’ and ‘Positron’. Each team has 4 participants, three are representatives of technical areas of study and one consultant-economist, since the problems include not only technical solutions, but also their economic viability.

“As part of the competition assignment, we analyzed the enterprise ‘Crimea Combined Heating and Power Plant ‘, that is engaged in the production and supply of thermal energy. In 2019, the enterprise became unprofitable, so we propose an innovative project that should solve a number of problems not only for them, but for the Crimean peninsula in general", said Mustafa Muratov the captain of the Amigosy team and a 1st year student at the Institute of Information Technology and Systems and Control Engineering.

The technology offered by the students is new for Russia but was used once in Norway.

The initial task of the ‘Positron’ team is to optimize the process of interaction between energy supplying enterprises of the region and related enterprises. The synthesis should bring benefits to all participants in the process.

“We offer a technology that will increase the level of digitalization of energy supplying enterprises. More precisely, the digitization of all processes and flows in the power supply system of the region. Each power transmission unit will be highlighted as an augmented reality unit. Then the unit malfunction can be diagnosed using a mobile phone”, said Andrei Azarov the captain of the Positron team, a post-graduate student of the Institute of Radio Electronics and Information Security.

Students estimate that the project will take two and a half years.

“Such contests contribute to the acquisition of work experience. These are real enterprises, real problems and real employers”, said Elena Sinkova, Director of the Career Support Center at Sevastopol State University.

Students' decisions will be assessed by an expert commission, that will include representatives of companies and sponsors of the championship. Prizes await the winners and champions, as well as participation in the forum ‘Russia - a Country of Opportunities’ and they will also be given preferential admission to masters and postgraduate studies of universities that are partners of the championship.