Students at Sevastopol State University Became Mentors of Schoolchildren Within the Framework of the Sirius Summer Programme

Ten students at Sevastopol State University were employed at the university as mentors to work with gifted and talented schoolchildren within the framework of the programme for supporting the project activities of high school students "Sirius. Summer: Start Your Project". These are students at the Institute of Information Technologies and Systems and Control Engineering, the Polytechnic Institute and the Institute for Urban Development.

Teams formed from schoolchildren and student mentors solve problems within the framework of the projects "Development of Fundamental Foundations for Building Control of a Robotic Complex with Anthropomorphic Manipulators Based on Machine Learning Approaches", "Trichoplax for Bionics", "Improving the City Management System" and "Weather Forecasting Without Computers”.

Student mentors interact with their charges and help them in every possible way, while providing feedback with representatives of the industrial partner. “During the Sirius Summer: Start Your Project programme, our students improve the quality and depth of projects, gain experience in practical teaching in project activities and get to know potential employers”, said Elena Sinkova, Director of the Career Support Center at Sevastopol State University that is responsible for the implementation of the Sirius Summer: Start Your Project programme.

The Sirius Summer: Start Your Project is being implemented within the ‘Smart Rest’ concept with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The programme was launched in September in cooperation with the Educational Foundation ‘Talent and Success’, and today 36 educational organizations participate in it.