Students from Sevastopol State University Will Become Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World

Sevastopol State University students Andrey Bubnov and Lyubov Mazurkevich won the correspondence stage of the competition ‘Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World’, an international volunteer programme initiated by the A.S. Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language.

The programme provides for internships in the format of education and educational expeditions in Russia and abroad. The goal of the Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World is to popularize the Russian language, culture and literature in Russia and abroad, develop and strengthen international partnerships between universities, promote the cultural values of tolerance and organize a dialogue of cultures.

“We decided to actively develop the direction of intellectual volunteering - free provision of professional services - at Sevastopol State University. For graduates of educational institutions, intellectual volunteering is an opportunity to get a good case for a portfolio. In the future, we plan to involve not only students studying foreign languages, but also children of all areas of education in this kind of volunteer work”, said Ksenia Konyukova, Deputy Director for Youth Policy of the Directorate for the Development of Educational Programmes.

In the correspondence stage of the competition, students had to fill out a questionnaire on the project's website and complete the task: read a poem by a Russian-speaking author on camera and post it on their page on the social network.

“A week before the New Year, I was offered to participate in the selection for the programme ‘Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World ‘. However, I didn’t attach much importance to it, because the only qualifying task didn’t seem to be unusual. So I held out until the last day and then started looking for suitable poems. I found one, wrote it down and uploaded it. The next morning I remembered that the results should already be known! Not really hoping to see myself on the list of the first round winners. I downloaded and opened the spreadsheet and lo and behold ... I was on the list of two hundred potential ambassadors of the Russian language in the world!", said Andrey Bubnov.

“Participation in the competition was a new interesting experience for me. It was easy to choose a poem - I like Nikolai Gumilyov a lot, he has very beautiful and romantic poems. Of course, I was very worried when I recorded the poems on camera therefore it didn't work out the way I wanted it to at the 1st attempt but then my inner perfectionist demanded at least minimal video processing. So I found an editor, added a cover, music and transitions. I like to be creative, so I gladly completed the task. Deep down, I thought that I would not be included in the list of winners, so I didn’t worry about possible failure. To be honest, I had already forgotten about my participation when my supervisor called me to tell me the good news. What a pleasant surprise it was for me that I was on the list! Now I am looking forward to information about the full-time stage of the competition, I want to compete for the right to become an ambassador of the Russian language. It's great that our country has such unique projects that help young people find themselves in life and believe in their own strengths!", said Lyubov Mazurkevich,

 What's next? After two stages of selection, the winners will go to Moscow and begin preparations for the expedition. The organizers pay for flights, accommodation, meals, insurance and mobile communications abroad, as well as provide equipment for conducting master classes. The participants of the programme are required to conduct high-quality classes. Following the results of the first expedition, candidates have the opportunity to obtain the status of an ambassador and take part in future trips.