The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Declared 2021 the Year of Science and Technology

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The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree on holding the Year of Science and Technology in 2021. The decree was published on the official website of the President of the Russian Federation

"In order to further develop science and technology in the Russian Federation, I decide: to hold the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation in 2021", the decree says. Vladimir Putin stressed that the value of people's labour in these spheres deserves special public and state recognition; they walk the unpaved road, acquire new knowledge and pass it on to younger generations. He underlined that priority will be given to health care, education and ecology, as well as science and technology, since these areas have all shown their importance during the pandemic.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Chernyshenko, and the Presidential Aide, Andrey Fursenko, have been appointed co-chairs of the organizing committee for the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. “The fact that the President of Russia has recognized 2021 as the year of science and technology in my understanding reflects the fact that at the state level in the Russian Federation the strategic importance of the development of science and the creation of new technologies to ensure the security of our country is recognized”, said the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovation Activity at Sevastopol State University, Maxim Evstigneev.