Sevastopol State University is the Only Higher Educational Institution in Crimea Included in the List of the Best Universities in Russia in the Fields of Engineering and Technology


For the first time, Sevastopol State University entered the ranking of the best universities in Russia in the fields of engineering and technology, that was compiled by the RAEX agency with the support of the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation.

Only 209 universities from all over the country passed the selection criteria for inclusion in the short-list of the ranking. Sevastopol State University, the only higher educational institution in the peninsula included in the rating, occupied 69th place.

Three factors influenced the position of universities in the rankings: the demand for graduates in the labor market, the quality of education, and scientific results.

“The new rankings include Russian universities that educate specialists in technology and engineering best of all. The published lists will undoubtedly be of interest to employers who are in need of personnel renewal. In addition, the ratings should become an important help for applicants with advanced mathematical abilities and engineering inclinations”, commented Dmitry Grishankov, General Director of the RAEX rating agency (RAEKS-Analytica).

The development of the rating methodology was carried out taking into account the expert opinions of representatives of the academic and scientific community. Based on the results of consultations with representatives of the RAEX Ratings Expert Council, methodological approaches to the compilation of ratings were formed and codes of enlarged groups of areas of higher education preparation were determined, according to which universities should be assessed.

“Engineering is one of the strengths of our university. Close communication with industrial partners allows our students to enter their career as full-fledged, competent, in-demand specialists. Thanks to the latest equipment in laboratories, research centers, and collective use centers, students, together with the research teams at Sevastopol State University, carry out complex, interesting projects”, said Alexei Chuklin, Director of the Directorate for Scientific and Innovative Activities at Sevastopol State University.