The ‘Boiling Point’ at Sevastopol State University Has Become One of the Best and Received an Award at the National Technology Initiative BarCamp

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On the 5th anniversary of the network at the National Technological Revolution 2035 barcamp in St. Petersburg, Andrey Siling, Executive Director of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Platform, noted the work of ‘Boiling Points’ that make a significant contribution to the development of regions, and named the winners in various nominations.

Among them is the "Boiling Point’ at Sevastopol State University". Here, in 2021, there was an active increase in the number of event participants and students involved in the NTI. One of the results of the work was the development of a prototype of a mobile application for the network of ‘Boiling Points’.

The ‘Boiling Points’ of St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg and seven other large cities in Russia also received awards.

Five years ago, on November 7, the first ‘Boiling Point’ outside Moscow was opened - in St. Petersburg. This is how the history of the network of ‘Boiling Points’ began, which began to open in cities, came to universities, industrial enterprises and schools. Today there are already 127 sites. The network has organized more than 75,300 events, in which more than 2,000,000 participants took part.

During this time, the network of Boiling Points has not only grown quantitatively, but also shows visible qualitative effects.

“Today, on this great occasion, we would like to acknowledge the teams at the ‘Boiling Points’, in which we see the manifestation of these effects both in terms of qualitative and quantitative indicators. The consolidation of communications and connections between community members gives rise to the formation of professional nodes in ‘Boiling Points’ through the saturation of events. Networking is one of the important effects of the network, mutual reinforcement of the experience and competencies of community members implementing projects of the same direction helps to solve big problems. At ‘Boiling Points’, we see unexpected positive effects arising from the development of human capital or the thickening of professional communities, and sometimes, when launching different projects, we see an explosive growth in data and projects that scale quickly. This is only a small part of the successes of the teams at the ‘Boiling Points’ that we see and which bring a serious contribution to the development of the regions,” said Andrey Siling.