Sevastopol State University Will Teach Russian Language to Syrians


Agreements on the organization of work to teach the Russian language to Syrian students, teachers and willing citizens were reached during the visit of the delegation of the Sevastopol State University, headed by Rector Vladimir Nechaev, to the Syrian province of Tartus.

According to the Director of the Directorate for International Cooperation at Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Struchkov, negotiations were held with the leadership of two Syrian universities: the State University of Tartus and the private university Kalamoon.

“We plan to create Russian language courses at the site of the University of Tartus, not only for students, but also for any citizens wishing to learn Russian. We are working on opportunities so that a person who has studied Russian can pass an exam to obtain a certificate that will allow them to study or get a job in Russia. Thus, Syrian students will not waste a year in the preparatory department”, he said.

The training will take place online with the possibility of passing exams remotely.

During the meeting with the Rector of the University of Tartus, agreements were reached on other forms of cooperation: exchange of teachers and students and joint research activities. Sevastopol State University is ready to accept Syrian bachelors for their master's degree.

The visit of the Sevastopol delegation to the private university Kalamoon was also productive. The rector of this university has already visited Sevastopol, so the agreements were more specific. In addition to teaching the Russian language, the two universities intend to develop networking in the framework of the implementation of master's programmes using models of double diplomas and inclusive education, to implement an academic mobility programme for students, and to improve the qualifications of teachers.

The topics of joint scientific research are outlined. Most of all, the Syrian colleagues are interested in renewable energy, ecology, and waste recycling. Scientific conferences will be held. Sevastopol teachers will read their courses at Kalamoon, and Syrian ones - at Sevastopol State University.

In addition, the Sevastopol delegation met with Russian language teachers in Syrian schools.

“As a rule, Russian language teachers are children from mixed families who grew up in Syria. They are native speakers and teach it to children in schools. We want to improve their qualifications, issue certificates, and are ready to provide new methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. We have a special department for this” explained Vladimir Struchkov.

The lack of a methodology that takes into account the age and mentality of the children is a real problem in Syrian schools with the study of the Russian language. Many of them work on textbooks intended for one of the CIS countries, and the teachers do not have pedagogical training. Sevastopol State University is ready to help solve all these problems. It is planned to create a cultural and educational center at the site of the representative office of Sevastopol State University in Tartus in order to conduct career guidance events. It is assumed that talented Syrian students will want to study in Sevastopol.

A proposal is being considered to hold, together with Syrian teachers, the Marine Start contest for Syrian schoolchildren in an online format.

A separate meeting took place in the port of Tartus. Its administration is interested in Sevastopol State University training specialists with secondary education: navigators, ship mechanics, minders, electromechanics, refrigeration unit operators. The Syrian side showed particular interest in the possibility of training marine transport engineers (stevedores, dispatchers, power engineers). The issue of creating a children's school for Sea Cadets on the territory of the port was discussed.

The Governor of Tartus at a meeting with Vladimir Nechaev warmly supported the university's plans to establish cooperation.