Modern Trends In The Development Of Radio Measurement Equipment

11251809 105269663157225 5658269220051017323 nThe seminar, ‘Modern Trends In The Development Of Radio Measurement Equipment’, took place at Sevastopol State University. At the same time an exhibition of modern radio-electronic measurement equipment made by the company ‘Keysight Technologies’, the world leader in the field of the production of test and measurement equipment for the electronic, defense, aerospace and telecommunications industries, was held.

The seminar was organized by the Department Of Radio Electronics And Telecommunications. Its necessity was dictated by the essentiality to make a requirements specification of equipment to be purchased according to the program of development of the university, in particular an engineering centre that is being created at the university. This work requires a high level of competency in the sphere of radio measurement equipment.

Both the personnel of the university and specialists invited from different enterprises of the radio electronics industry such as: ‘The Switchgear Design Office (Tavrida Electric)’, the test centre ‘Omega’, ‘Radio Communication Design Office JSC’, ‘Uranis Ltd.’, ‘Test Line’ and others, took part. The participants of the seminar were given an opportunity to practice with the represented equipment.

As a result of the seminar an agreement with the company ‘Keysight Technologies’ about the free 3 months use of the equipment for research and educational purposes was reached. In the near future it is possible that a memorandum about the closer co-operation between the university and ‘Keysight Technologies’ will be signed.