Cup of the Black Sea

11873788 110222649328593 6586802084632110999 nThe games of the 1st Russian Championship in American Football, ‘Cup of the Black Sea’, took place at ‘Metallist’ stadium. The organizer of the competition was Sevastopol State University with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Federation of American Football in Russia. The championship took place within the series, the ‘Rector’s Football Cup’ of Sevastopol State University.

According to Igor Protsky, the trainer of the team ‘Dolphins’ (Sevastopol State University). The main task of this tournament for the ‘Dolphins’ was to introduce their team to the footballing society, gain game experience and experience in organizing such competitions.

– It is the spirit of competition, rivalry and passion that motivates a person to develop themself further and move forward. And when a rival – is worthy, then everything becomes even more attractive and captivating.

As a result at the stadium all four elements were fighting each other: ‘Water’, the team of the Sevastopol ‘Dolphins’, ‘Air’, the team of the Volzhsk ‘Kites’, and ‘Earth’, the team of the Krasnodar ‘Bisons’. And the fire was struck by 100 footballers every minute of the game. The main judge of the championship was Aleksei Kazantsev from Penza.

The trainers of the guest teams Maksim Khamzin (Kites) and Zakhar Komarov (Bisons) unanimously admitted that the sea and the sun inspired them to play an excellent game but they received different results.

Naturally, the majority of the spectators are friends and relatives of the Sevastopol ‘Dolphins’ but there were also ‘independent’ fans. Some even came from other cities.

Konstantin, a tourist from Yevpatoria, despite having a ‘continental’ origin knows the history of the development of American Football in Crimea and Sevastopol well:

– It is good, that in Sevastopol a second team has appeared. I played American Football myself earlier, until age caught up with me, now I am just a fan. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to watch a championship, so I have travelled from Yevpatoria twice. All the teams are approximately at the same level, so it is interesting to watch because the outcome is not obvious.

– Why American Football in particular?

– Well, everyone makes their own choice. I watch usual football, but it seems to me that American Football is more powerful and dynamic, and I like that. However it is stupid to add political implications to it. Sport and art – are higher than politics. By the way, it has already happened when the joint Russian youth team occupied 1st place at the European Championship.
Natalia Tobolkina, the mother of Maksim Tobolkin, a player for the ‘Dolphins’, came to the match with her daughter. Eleven year old Nastya Tobolkina says, that to be proud of such an elder brother – is very easy, and Natalia admits – that during the time that her son is enthusiastic about American Football she has learned to control her worries about his health.

– I know, American Football – one of the most injury risk sports, but they really cannot be stopped if they decided to do something! We support them, worry about them and wish them victory.
For one of the ‘Kites’ players the final match became a life-changing event – within the best American traditions, immediately after the victorious game, right on the field with a microphone in his hands he proposed to his beloved. The girl said ‘yes’ which provided a happy-ending to this sport and romantic show.

Denis Tsyganok, the captain of the ‘Dolphins’ – mainly due to whose enthusiasm a team was formed at the university and the tournament has taken place – says, that he is pleased with the game.

– We believed in the guys, and everything turned out well. It was interesting to play with the ‘Kites’ – the team has experience and has taken part in the Championship of Russia. It was delightful that we were able to compete on an equal level.

– In this game all the teams were reinforced with players from other clubs …

– Yes, including ours. A few players from the team ‘Tavry’ (and we played for them at the Championship of Russia), played for the ‘Dolphins’. Artyom Polyakov, the chairman of the organizational committee of the Championship of Russia and President of the Yaroslavl Federation of American Football, played for us. We developed this project together, he arrived here as a co-organizer, but we offered him to play for us and he agreed.

– How is the injured player feeling?

– Victor Kalchenko injured his knee and he should remain at home for a week, the ‘Bison’ has a more serious injury. In general in the terms of American Football the fact that there are only 2 serious injuries is considered to be virtually injury-free!

– How much time does a player need, in order to come out onto the field in a serious game?

– This depends on the training. If a person did not do any sport then a year and a half, however if a person is fit then perhaps 2-3 months.

– Do you need new players?

– Of course.

– What are your plans – nearest and future?
– In the coming month – the registration of the ‘Dolphins’ as the official team of Sevastopol State University. We plan to hold the tournament again in the future, probably next year in September when all the students are in the city. There will be more participants as a lot of teams from other universities have already expressed a desire to come. ‘Kites’ will definitely return with the cup they won and we will be try to win it back!

We congratulate the ‘Dolphins’ on their good start and organization of the tournament!
Good luck in the future guys, we support you.