Bachelor Students Will Learn English Language for Four Years in All Academic Programmes at Sevastopol State University


In September 2018 Sevastopol State University is launching a project to modernize language education. 

"The essence of the project is that a foreign language becomes a means of communication for all students and an instrument for professional activity. The basic language course is built around a communicative method, which involves a lot of communication and interesting forms of work", said Veronika Borshcheva, head of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations.

During their 1
st year at Sevastopol State University all students will study according to the same program regardless of their chosen academic programmes. At the beginning of the 1st year, students will be tested on their English language according to a European assessment scale and will then be divided into groups according to their results. In particular, there is a zero level for those who did not learn English language or who have a poor command of it.

Students will be trained according to a new communicative method based on modern authentic materials from leading foreign publishers. The teaching will take place both in a classroom and online. In the classroom, students will learn to speak, whereas grammar and vocabulary will be online.

"Teachers at the university have developed 5 different levels of copyrighted online courses with interesting tasks and a creative approach to learning. This is an integrated online environment where video and audio blocks, tests, forums and chats are able to be carried out", Veronika Borshchyova said.

The professionally-oriented unit of a foreign language will start from the 2nd year of the bachelor's programme and the main topics will be: academic writing (writing abstracts and scientific articles), working with systems and databases, professional presentations, talking on professional topics and writing a resume and a covering letter.

An important aspect of modernization is that students will study a foreign language for all 4 years of
  a bachelor's programme. After 2 years of the intensive program described above, students will have the opportunity to take a course of their choice in a foreign language each semester, but more closely related to the profession they are aiming towards, which will allow them to maintain their communication skills and build up their professional competence through a foreign language. All of the institutes at Sevastopol State University will prepare profile courses, for example, the economy course will be in English.

Students who have completed a bachelor's program will be able to speak English fluently, conduct conversations on professional topics, deliver reports, write scientific articles and be ready to enter master’s programmes. Entrance examinations for the master's programmes will be held in English, and the training program for them is planned to be bilingual.
“English language taught during all the years of bachelor’s programmes will become a hallmark of Sevastopol State University”, said Veronika Borshchyova.