How Foreign Students at Sevastopol State University Studied Russian Language


A group of 6 foreign students - 5 Congolese and 1 from Vietnam – studied Russian language at Sevastopol State University for 8 months.

The students came to our country to study at Russian Universities. After mastering the Russian language they can now study in groups with Russian students. Two of them will remain at Sevastopol State University and the others will go to Simferopol and St. Petersburg.

In addition to Russian language students became acquainted with history and social science, physics, chemistry, informatics, geography and literature and the teaching of these was conducted in Russian.

"For the first 5 months they studied 6 hours a day 5 days a week and when the other subjects started – for 8 hours a day. For the last 2 weeks prior to the exam the revision for exams was intense: 8 hours of Russian a day", said Nelly Nebylitsa, a senior Russian language teacher at the preparatory department for foreign students.

The Russian language exam consisted of 5 subtests. The 1st included a lexico-grammatical block of 135 questions, the 2nd - reading and answering questions, the 3rd - listening, the 4th - a letter, and the 5th - speaking.

In the end all the foreign students received certificates in Russian language at the level of B1. Lucas Mukembu received the highest score - 90 points. "At first, it was difficult to obtain high marks, but I eventually got involved, and it became easier", he said.

The students also participated in the social life of the university and took part in theatrical plays and sanf songs. "Together we became acquainted with the sights of Sevastopol, went on excursions to the Chersones museum-reserve, the art museums and historic museums and places: The Diorama, Malakhov Kurgan and Sapun-Gora. We also drove along the South Coast and visited Vorontsov, Livadia and Massandra palaces" said Nelly Nebylitsa.

The students said of Nelly, "She was our teacher and friend, mother and aunt. We were both happy and sad, she always helped us in everything. Thank you!".