An Exclusive Master's Programme in Defectology Begins at Sevastopol State University

deti malchik devochka gruppa

A unique master's programme "Correction and Pedagogical Support of Children with Speech Development Disorders" was developed at the Department of Pre-School, Primary and Special Education of the Institute of Humanities and Pedagogy at Sevastopol State University.

The strategy of the social and economic development of Sevastopol until 2030 considers that all children irrespective of special needs etc will have equal access to education. The need to open a master's degree is also connected with the lack of higher educational institutions in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation that train similar specialists.

Specialists with basic pedagogical, psychological or defectological education can enrol in the programme and special attention will be paid to modern educational methods as well as practice with children who have a speech impediment.

"The students will learn to diagnose abnormalities, communicate with children with speech development problems, train, correct, accompany them and advise their parents," said Nonna Murovanaya, head of the Department of Pre-School, Primary and Special Education.

Partners of the programme are the "Sevastopol Psychological and Medical Pedagogical Commission" and other educational institutions in the city of Sevastopol.

Within the framework of the master's programme, co-operation with institutions for disabled children is planned. It also includes an integrated environment - groups or classes of pre-school institutions, in which there are children with developmental disorders, "Murovannaya said.

As part of the master's programme, the University will also co-operate with the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE).

"This year, the students of this programme will also be taught by teachers from MSUPE, and from next year- the network form of training with two diplomas - from MSUPE a psychological and pedagogical education, and from ours, a defectological education. During a period of the programme our students will study in Moscow", said Murovanaya.