Sevastopol State University Will Develop A Robotic Arm For Underwater Welding

13Thirteen representatives of the JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK) and JSC ‘NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika’, discussed the implementation of a project for the creation and introduction of a unique underwater anthropomorphic type robotic complex that will go into serial production during a working visit to Sevastopol State University.

In three years, scientists at Sevastopol State University must develop and build a working robotic manipulator which will operate underwater in an autonomous and copying regime. ‘NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika" and JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" – are the industrial partners of the project.

The manipulator will replace highly qualified welders in carrying out repair and restoration work and will be used on surface and underwater vehicles and ships, as well as platforms for the development of the sea shelf.

"This development is unique, there are no analogues to it. We are building a manipulator that will replace a person under water and are also interested in putting it into serial production", said Regina Tsygankova, Director of Strategic Development of JSC ‘NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika’.

"The manipulator can be used in various technological processes in the field of shipbuilding”, said Andrei Dobrokhotov, Adviser to the President of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) JSC.

Development is already being conducted in the laboratory of anthropomorphic robotics of Sevastopol State University, where the prototype is currently being tested.

"On dry land, we are working out the interaction of the robot with a diving tool, then we will move the manipulator under the water," said the project manager, head of the Department of Computer Science and Systems and Control Engineering, Alexei Kabanov.

The project costs 206 million rubles and is financed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in cooperation with JSC ‘NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika’, the main contractor of the project is Sevastopol State University.