The Future Of Information Technologies In Russia Is Being Discussed At Sevastopol State University


How should domestic information technologies develop and how can the developments of Sevastopol students be applied in practical terms? These issues are being discussed by the participants of the 4th  inter-regional scientific and practical conference ‘Perspective Directions Of Development Of Russian Information Technologies’, which is being held for the fourth time at Sevastopol State University.

The conference is being held on the site of the Institute of Information Technologies and Systems and Control Engineering with the support of colleagues from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, scientists and representatives of major IT companies and developers of domestic software: SolarLab, 1C: Rarus and Alvion Europe.

"The task of entering a digital society and gaining leadership is irresolvable without the close cooperation of science, education and industry. I hope that the conference will become such a platform ", said the Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev.

Within three days, representatives of higher education, academic science and the business community will exchange their experience and decide how to support the development of Russian information technologies and more than 150 scientific reports will be presented.

"It is necessary to fill the days of the conference with a real statement of tasks that can then be taken to a ministerial level to seek feedback," said senator Olga Timofeeva.

The goal of the conference is to identify educational ideas and directions.

"A federal educational and methodological association solves the tasks of preparing state standards in informatics and computer technology, the main task is to take into account the requirements of the IT industry regarding the qualifications that we give to students", said the supervisor of the scientific and educational complex ‘Information Technology  and Control Systems’ of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Professor Andrei Proletarsky.

The professor noted that the introduction of Russian software, technical means and automatic control systems into educational programmes and standards is one of the most importantly discussed areas and that only software developed in Russia will provide information security.

"Most programmers and specialists in our team are students of the University, we support them and see a huge potential in them," said Tatyana Pichugova, human resources manager of SolarLab, a first-year student of the Institute of Information Technology and Systems and Control Engineering.

"We have been fruitfully cooperating with the university for a long time. We hold contests and seminars and starting from the 3rd year we take trainees and conduct graduate projects, our employees teach 1C at Sevastopol State University”, said Kseniya Golovaneva, human resources manager of 1C: Rarus.

"I teach at the Department of Information Systems. We invite students for practice work, and we take the best to work for us. Also we cooperate in the framework of the IT Academy - a school of young programmers", said Natalya Smirnova, director of the resource office and project manager of Alvion Europe.