A Modern Technosphere Safety Laboratory Has Been Opened at Sevastopol State University


The laboratory of the scientific and technical center of technosphee safety was opened at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University. Up to date equipment was purchased as part of the university’s development program and is designed to train students, as well as, after passing certification and obtaining certificates, conducting research commissioned by enterprises in Sevastopol.

The new devices allow measurements of technogenic factors in the widest spectrum: microclimate, lighting, noise, vibration, radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and high-voltage power line radiation.

“Using the equipment, we will test energy-saving and noise-proof building materials and structures that are relevant for Crimea and monitor various types of man-made electromagnetic radiation in residential areas, for example, measuring the field strength under high-voltage lines”, said Sergei Gutnik, docent at the Department of Technosphere Safety.

The department is already cooperating with Sevastopol Rostekhnadzor and the Ministryof Emergency Situations.

Another area of ​​activity of the laboratory is the quality control of the environment, including the analysis of natural drinking water for the presence of heavy metals, nitrites, phosphates, phenols and sulfates. These parameters will be determined using modern nitrate meters, photometers, spectrophotometers and photo colorimeters.

“This year, our department has won a grant to control the quality of drinking water in Sevastopol, and now, with this equipment, we are going to measure and investigate the sources of the Baidar Valley and the Chernorechensky reservoir. We can determine the full qualitative composition of the water”, said Larisa Nichkova, head of the Department of Technosphere Safety at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University.