A Robot to Assist Urologists has been Created at Sevastopol State University

Scientists at Sevastopol State University have created a robotic complex that will assist in urological surgery. This news was announced by Denis Tokarev, an Associate Professor at Sevastopol State University and the Project Supervisor.

“Some operations take many hours. Surgeons have to make the same types of movements with their hands and tools up to several thousand times, which leads to a decrease in labour productivity. Our robot will hold the tool in the correct position and more accurately perform the movements for a given program. The device will be controlled by the surgeon and the operation can be stopped at any time in case an emergency situation arises”, said Tokarev.

The 70x70 cm assistant robot is an arched-type construction with a tool holder that attaches to the surgical table. The developers have provided the possibility of the system to work with the patient's mobility, which eliminates possible injury. The uniqueness of the design is that, unlike its world analogues, it uses existing medical instruments that do not need to be specially manufactured.

“Our robot is cheaper than its analogues due to its narrow specialization, while the tasks it solves are fairly common in practice and require automation”, said Tokarev.

The development took 4 months, during which time the following needed to be created: Kinematic scheme; DH model and a 3D model that took into account the dynamic parameters of the structure. A simulation of the movements of the structure was then performed, after which the parameters of the structure were refined and then an assembled dimensional model of the robot was made. Preparations are underway to put the robot’s designs into production. During the work, the scientists at Sevastopol State University worked closely with surgeons who work at the urology department in the 9th city hospital in Sevastopol.