An International Student Media Project ‘#RussiaTomorrow!’ has been launched at Sevastopol State University

The Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations (ISSIR) at Sevastopol State University has launched the student project ‘#RussiaTomorrow!’ observing the political agenda in Russia and in the world in foreign languages.At first, the tasks of the project are more educational: the formation of competences and the improvement of the professional level of students and to this end, the institute actively cooperates with RT (Russia Today) and TV companies in Sevastopol.

“Strategically, we aim at creating a professional Youtube channel that can convey to a foreign youth audience the Russian and Sevastopol vision of the world and the problems of international relations in the context of the information blockade,” explained the Director of ISSIR, Ivan Chikharev.The project is coordinated by the Head of the Media Communications Laboratory, Mikhail Pautov.More than 20 bachelor and master’s students and  of ISSIR work on ‘#Russia Tomorrow!’and the roles of authors, presenters, operators, editors and producers are distributed among them.The project was positively assessed by the CEO of the RT channel, Alexey Nikolov during a meeting with students of Sevastopol State University on March 29.“#Russia Tomorrow!’should become a new type of television channel based on the convergence of various types of media. Due to its innovativeness and the audacity of presenting information in a good way, it will be able to effectively influence foreign audiences, especially in its youth segment, ”added Chikharev.The first issue of ‘#Russia Tomorrow!’ is about the case of the Scripals, presented by Vadim Shakhbazyants, third year student of the ISSIR academic programme ‘Translation and Translation Studies’ and the second year undergraduate of the ISSIR academic programme ‘Journalism’, Zoya Kuznetsova.