An Integrated Medical Card and Digital Assistant: The Informatization of Medicine in Sevastopol

Smart medicine: Sevastopol will introduce a system of using a unified medical card.

The initiative was discussed at a meeting of the public and business advisory council of the ‘Smart City’ project at Sevastopol State University on 30 April. First of all, such a system will helpthe work of ambulance doctors. At Sevastopol State University a digital assistant system has been developed that will help healthcare workers spend less time filling out and processing documents.

You can schedule an examination or treatment, fill out the patient's medical record and make a schedule of operations through a computer or mobile application. In addition, you do not have to enter repetitive data: just select the particular patient, and the system will enter the information in the relevant document.“A doctor, going from ward to ward, will be able to immediately receive alerts that an analysis has been made and data has been received by looking at the phone.

They will immediately sees the results in the smartphone and make appointments, recommendations, and so on,” said Natalya Tlukhovskaya, an assistant in the Department of Information Systems at Sevastopol State University.The ‘digital assistant’ will not only make life easier for doctors, nurses will immediately see new assignments and doctor's appointments, and the patient’s medical history will be stored not only on paper but also in electronic form. 

“The data is aggregated in a case history, which is stored in a common database, and after the patient is discharged, the information is transferred to the archive. If the patient enters a second time, then all the data has already been saved, the doctor picks up the medical history and works with the already documented data. Therefore, they do not have to do the work again. ”The system is currently being tested in city hospital No. 9 and if it passes certification, other medical institutions in the city will also start using it.