The First ‘National Technology Initiative’ Day in Crimea was held at Sevastopol State University


The National Technology Initiative day in (NTI) Russia was held at Sevastopol State University. The initiator of the event was the working group of NTI ‘Energy’.

According to the rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, the university “has been working quite consciously for about two years on becoming part of the National Technology Initiative”.

“This is the first experience in the modern history of Russia of a successful foresight of a national technological breakthrough into the future - an understanding of how Russia should conquer markets that do not exist yet with the help of technology,” said Nechaev at the opening of the NTI day.

He said that the Institute of the National Technology Initiative was created at Sevastopol State University and offers masters programmes that train specialists for the markets of the future.

“We are expanding every year and we expect the Institute of the National Technology Initiative to become the focal point of Sevastopol State University, where technologies of the future will be created and specialists will be trained for markets that are formed before our eyes,” said Nechaev.

As an example of new master’s programmes in the framework of the NTI, he mentioned ‘Innovative Shipbuilding (Marinet)’ and ‘Intelligent Energy Supply Networks (EnergyNet)’. Next year there will be the first graduation of specialists.

Within the framework of the NTI day, students were given lectures and held seminars in such areas as Neuronet, Aeronet, EnergyNet, Technet and Marinet.

The National Technology Initiative is a programme of measures to create fundamentally new markets and create conditions for Russia's global leadership by 2035. The tasks of the NTI are integrated into the national project ‘Science’. So, according to the framework of the national project, by 2020, 15 NTI competence centers should be created in Russia.