Sevastopol State University has Signed a Memorandum of Co-operation with the Largest Foundation in Afghanistan

The Memorandum of Understanding and Co-operation was signed by the rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, and the Chief Adviser of the Patriotic Foundation of Muslims, Ayrat Ahmad Masoodd Ahmad Mosum.

The Foundation intends to facilitate study at Sevastopol State University for students from the Republic of Afghanistan and the countries of the Foundation’s partners: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Pakistan, India, China and Bangladesh.

“For this, colleagues should be offered programmes that are interesting to Afghan and other students,” said Vladimir Nechaev.

According to members of the delegation, first of all, medicine, law, journalism, linguistics, pedagogy, auto mechanics and alternative energy are their areas of interest.

One of the main issues of the meeting was the recognition of diplomas from Sevastopol State University in Afghanistan.

“Our Foundation is ready to represent your interests in Afghanistan, contact Institutes in Kabul and other educational institutions in the country and negotiate with them to recognize diplomas, exchange students and faculty, organize joint sporting events and youth festivals,” said Ayrat Ahmad Masood Ahmad Mosum.

Members of the delegation noted that more than 100,000 Afghans studied at universities in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation and now they are highly qualified specialists and employees of state institutions and structures.

“Russian science and teaching are very much appreciated in Afghanistan,” they noted.

According to Vladimir Nechaev, Sevastopol State University is interested in increasing the number of foreign students.  “We are sure that they will like it here, because the university is being modernized, the laboratory facilities are expanding, and dormitories are being reconstructed. We strive to create all the good conditions for students. In addition, in Crimea and Sevastopol there are different religions and cultures, whose representatives respect each other, which is important, ” said Vladimir Nechaev to the visitors.