Students at Sevastopol State University will Create a Design Code for Sevastopol

The Bank of Architectural and Artistic Concepts of Various Territories of Sevastopol will be created by students of the new master’s programme ‘Design’. The Head of the master's programme, Professor and Candidate of Architecture, Elina Krasilnikova, talked about it.

“In the administration of Sevastopol, we were given specific territories of the city. They should be considered in the framework of design seminars and design practices with the participation of the public and municipal authorities in the framework of workshops on applied urban studies. Students should develop concepts for a particular territory. The sociological component is also important here - communication with residents and an understanding of the importance of this territory for the development of the city. It is necessary to create a social scenario for the object,” said Elina Krasilnikova.According to her, under the guidance of teachers, students should create a design code for Sevastopol, which will subsequently allow architects to design various elements of urban infrastructure in a unanimous style.“We hope to teach designers who can work in such a complex city as Sevastopol, which has no analogues in Russia.

Our master's programme is unique in its multi-disciplinarity. Its graduates will own a tool for analyzing any urban development problem,” said Elina.According to the supervisor of the master’s programme ‘Design of Social and Cultural Environment’, Professor of Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Marina Divakova, not only bachelors in specialized fields, but also holders of engineering diplomas can go to the master's programme ‘Design’.In order to pass the entrance tests, future undergraduates must have graphic techniques for depicting space and form.“It is necessary that they understand how form and space interact, and possess scientific methods. Today, graduate studies require the ability to create interesting concepts.

Design is an architectural and artistic understanding of space, endowing it with imaginative characteristics and preserving the identity that exists in the space,” said Marina.She believes that Sevastopol is perhaps the best place in Russia to train such specialists, since the city has a unique identity.“In this city, we finally found a place where we can talk about the existing prevailing urban landscape - a magnificent example of a cultural landscape. We will teach students to appreciate and identify its elements, to see the nodal dominant points that are necessary to preserve the identity of any given place. At the same time, it is necessary that the new space that they create is modern”, she said.