Scientists from Vietnam and Donetsk visited Sevastopol State University


Employees from Vietnam Maritime University – at present postgraduate students and master’s students studying history from Donetsk State University visited the Center for Marine Research and Technology (CMRT) of Sevastopol State University, where they got acquainted with the center's work, features and the secrets of underwater archeology.The students from Donetsk also do field archaeological practical work at the Tauric Chersonesos State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve.

The colleagues from Vietnam and historians from Donetsk got acquainted with the work of the IT team at the Khersones 2.0 Summer School, which solves the problems of introducing information technologies and using high-tech equipment in the archaeological research of cultural heritage sites at CMRT. The parties agreed on cooperation in new educational projects, holding summer schools and scientific forums.“Scientists and students from all over the world are interested in the work of our university.

This leads to international educational programmes and research projects that we could not even think of before, ”said Andrei Faerman, Director of the Center for International Educational Programmes at Sevastopol State University.The sea and the Sevastopol climate always delight foreign visitors from warm countries.“The strongest impression is the scope of the CMRT's work, underwater archaeological finds and work with digital 3D models that represent ancient artifacts,” said Nguyen Tae Kyong, one of the guests from Vietnam.

Also during the visit, the Vietnamese delegation visited the training center for navigators at the Maritime Institute of Sevastopol State University.