Sevastopol State University Will Develop a Marine Drone to Create Depth Maps


In December 2019 the prototype of an unmanned vehicle capable of automatically measuring the depths of small bodies of water will be the outcome of the work by a group of scientists from the Department of Technical Expertise and Quality Management at the Polytechnic Institute of Sevastopol State University.

“The result will be a working prototype which includes both the hardware and software for bathymetric measurement that will allow depth maps to be compiled automatically”, said Vladimir Nikishin, PhD, the manager of the project.

Scientists are currently conducting full-scale test work in one of Sevastopol’s bays (Gollandiya).

“When our work is completed, the university will be able to produce work for the military or environmental services. We will place their devices on our drone and ensure their operation in hard-to-reach areas of water: in small bays or polluted lakes, where it is unprofitable to bring an inflatable boat with a crew. Due to the compactness of the device, it is much cheaper and faster”, said Nikishin.

It will also be possible to place other measuring equipment on the drone, for example, to control the salinity of water.