The First Portable Resuscitation Device in Russia was Created at Sevastopol State University

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The first device in Russia for cardiopulmonary resuscitation in extreme conditions was developed by Evgeny Pashkov, Victor Polivtsev and Oleg Filipovich who are scientists at the Department of Instrument Systems and Automation of Technological Processes at Sevastopol State University. The Federal Institute of Industrial Property has already granted Sevastopol State University a patent for this invention.

“This is a portable installation. It is made in the form of a platform on which the patient fits. A bandage is fastened to the patient, the belts are fastened and the air supply is turned on. With the help of belts the device compresses the chest with the frequency at which artificial respiration is done to make the heart muscle and lungs contract, stimulating blood flow and respiration, ”said Evgeny Pashkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

He explained that in Russia today there are only stationary devices on which the physician must press on the chest by hand and that their use is impossible during transportation of the patient. Analogs exist in the USA, but they are 4-5 times more expensive than the device made by the scientists at Sevastopol State University.

The device is pneumatic, there are portable cylinders of compressed air attached it. The scientists paid special attention to the fact that the weight of the device should be small enough so that female doctors could work with it. It is compact (its dimensions are commensurate with the human body) and it can be used in disasters and field medicine, as well as in the transportation of the patient.

“The device has its own power supply, can work for 30-40 minutes and can also be docked with a pulmonary ventilator. Built-in sensors synchronize the operation of these two devices: so that the compression and air supply are carried out synchronously, ”said Pashkov.

At present the device is an experimental prototype but it has already attracted the attention of Rostec Corporation.