Students at Sevastopol State University Will be Taught to Process and Memorize Large Amounts of Information

The flow of information in the modern world is huge and without the ability to quickly and correctly select and remember what is needed it is impossible to get by.

Teachers and a group of students learning ‘Psychology’  at the Humanities and Pedagogical Institute of Sevastopol State University are studying how to develop the ability to visualize knowledge and memorize large amounts of information.“Visual thinking is the ability to quickly catch, process information and produce results. Memorization based on visual thinking is an effective technique for training memory and developing creative abilities. This type of thinking is typical for successful architects and designers”, said the Project Manager, Irina Sultanova, PhD, at the Department of Psychology. “The student looks at their notes and builds a logical scheme in their minds.

Cognitive processes begin to work and attention and thinking are activated. There are special algorithms and rules for training such a skill, which we will teach students”,  she said.The students will hone their skills on a special interactive simulator, where tasks for both humanities and techies are formed. An interactive simulator allows you to algorithmize text and quickly process it in your mind.“An interactive simulator is a set of training tests. First, it explains how to remember a large amount of information, and then tasks are offered. Depending on the results, you go to the next level or continue to develop skills at the current level. We have a focus group.

We immerse people in a powerful flow of information and watch how they react, how much they remember. Then we make a selection according to the criterion “coped - failed” and work with outsiders, applying and simultaneously testing memorization techniques. We evaluate which technique turned out to be the most effective”, said Sultanova.Studies are conducted as part of bachelor's and master's graduate qualification works.According to the project manager, the new comprehensive training program for the university pool will soon be available to all students: for this it will be necessary to fill out an application to study an additional course.

Also, the project participants are preparing a special program for teachers of the city at the Institute of Continuous Education of Sevastopol State University.