Engineers in Sevastopol are Developing a Flight Controller for Russian Drones

The SOKOL-360 flight controller, developed by specialists at the Engineering Center of Sevastopol State University, is made using Russian components that in the future will allow the abandonment of imported software in the production of Russian drones.

This was said by Sergey Dudnikov, the Acting Director of the Institute of the National Technological Initiative at Sevastopol State University.

Сергей Дудников СевГУ

“It is anticipated that our flight controller will become the standard in Russia. If someone doesn’t want to buy an imported controller that can be planted with an imported program at any time by a command from the (US) State Department, they can use our controller without undocumented software or hardware functions, ”said Dudnikov.

“The SOKOL-360 is intended for controlling the main drives and peripheral devices of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of a quadrocopter type with the possibility of automatic stabilization of UAV orientation and remote control using additional specialized modules and units.

The engineering center at Sevastopol State University has already concluded an agreement with the Research Institute ‘Kulon’, which is developing domestic drones. Sokol-360 is presented at the National Technological Initiative Aeronet booth at the International Aerospace Salon MAKS, which is taking place in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

Initially, Sokol 360 will be compatible with the universally used UAV control software - Mission Planner, but as part of the final stage of the project, its own multi-platform software will be created that will be able to compete with Mission Planner. The final product will exclusively use domestic cloud and navigation services and the GLONASS positioning unit.