A Project Office According to the Model of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives will be Opened at Sevastopol State University


A project office was launched at the Institute of National Technological Initiative (NTI) at Sevastopol State University (SevSU), where leadership projects will be selected according to the model and methodology of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The office plans to consolidate and develop regional projects within the framework of priority areas corresponding to the roadmaps of the state program of the NTI.

“The directions that we previously selected: EnergyNet, MariNet and AeroNet and perhaps TechNet projects or those related to nuclear energy will be added too”, said Sergei Dudnikov, the Director of the Institute of the NTI at Sevastopol State University.

In July 2019 SevSU signed a cooperation agreement with the ASI, the NTI platform and the University 20.35.

The ASI has offered universities 3 partnership formats: support for leadership projects from their own resources, the work of expert communities (examination and removal of administrative, legal and other barriers), as well as the development of expert communities through mentoring. Sevastopol State University confirmed its readiness to work in these three areas and began to form teams.

For expert discussions of significant social problems within the framework of the project Sevastopol State University will organize a ‘Boiling Point’ - a platform for everyone who is willing to work in the field of regional and federal development. The representatives of the Law Institute, the Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Finance, Economics and Management and other institutes will work as experts.

As a result, the university will become a centre for the formation of leadership, scientific and entrepreneurial communities, as well as social activities in Sevastopol and Crimea.