‘Russian Helicopters’ has become Interested in the Work of Scientists at Sevastopol State University

The holding ‘Russian Helicopters’ has become interested in a development by scientists at Sevastopol State University for the precise positioning of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) during its landing, which was presented at the first Russian technology competition in the field of developing air transport and its integration into the urban environment at the International Aviation and Space Salon ‘MAKS-2019’. This was said by Professor Igor Shirokov, a Doctor of Technical Sciences at the Department of Electronic Engineering at Sevastopol State University.


“There was an order for me to prepare a development for agricultural irrigation systems. When a helicopter must fly to a field with an accuracy of 10 cm and carry out spot irrigation with precision. To date, this problem has not been solved so they have turned to us because we have demonstrated competencies”, said Shirokov.

Sevastopol State University submitted a project to the competition dedicated to the precise positioning of UAVs that is accurate to within a few millimeters.

“This is especially relevant where there is a fly-around of the territory or for example overpasses,  and vehicles must constantly land quite accurately. The second part of the project is the wireless transfer of energy to charge batteries. The vehicle lands on a platform, and charging begins without any cables”, said Shirokov. The project was carried out as part of the further development of work on the state task - the development of a system for the automatic mooring of an unmanned vessel.