Sevastopol State University and the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Will Create Smart Cities Together

Sevastopol State University is adopting the experience of St. Petersburg in the field of innovative solutions for Smart Cities. Many ideas have already been implemented in St. Petersburg and specialists from the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) are telling their colleagues about the development, promising areas and world practices of the priority project in big cities.

The scientific seminar is being held at the new EnergyNet site at Sevastopol State University with the support of the National Center for Cognitive Development at ITMO University and the Smart St. Petersburg project office.

Cooperation with the educational institutions and authorities of St. Petersburg on creating the concept of the Smart City project and assessing the state of development of the digital economy in Sevastopol has been ongoing since 2014. This was said by the head of the priority project ‘Smart City’, Pyotr Darichev.

“Today we are talking about the most relevant problem and task facing the project - the creation of a digital double. This seminar is dedicated to this area, and we hope that the experience of St. Petersburg will be useful. Now we are evaluating the complexity and work on the processes of creating a digital double. This is the largest and most complex part of the project”, said Darichev.

Last year, ITMO University launched a new master's programme ‘Digital Technologies in a Smart City’ that accumulates the experience of development, research projects and implementation of work of the university on the ‘Smart City’ project.

“A request for educational cooperation was received from Sevastopol State University. Now we are discussing a joint network program. Colleagues choose the disciplines that they are interested in as part of their master's programme in ‘Smart City’. In the future, we will help the university train them in full-time intensive courses or remotely”, said Andrei Chugunov, Director of the E-government Technology Center at the Institute for Design and Urban Studies at ITMO University.

The strategic agreement signed by ITMO University and Sevastopol State University will also contribute to the development of the project.

ITMO University carries out developments in the project ‘Smart City’, in particular, the creation of its digital model, at the National Center for Cognitive Developments (NCCD) as part of the National Technology Initiative programme in partnership with other scientific and educational institutions, businesses and the government of St. Petersburg. The task of such consortia is the effective implementation of scientific developments in practice.

“Sevastopol State University has already submitted an application for inclusion in the NCCD consortium. This is not just strategic cooperation, but the specification of activities, in particular related to the implementation of best practices in the online educational process”, said Chugunov.