A New Laboratory for Navigators was Opened at the Maritime Institute of Sevastopol State University

морской институт севгу

The Navigation Technology Laboratory was commissioned at the Department of Navigation and Navigational Safety of the Maritime Institute at Sevastopol State University. The educational process in the new laboratory is scheduled to begin in November.The new class is equipped with modern navigation apparatus - gyroscopic and magnetic compasses with all of the necessary peripherals, a bearing stand, a log, an echo sounder, a GPS / GLONASS receiver, deviation instruments, multimedia equipment, visual aids and posters. The laboratory was created in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and meets the requirements of the International Convention for the Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers.As was noted by Sergei Podporin, the Project Manager for the creation of the laboratory and the Head of the Department ‘Navigation and Navigational Safety’, student navigators were given the opportunity to study basic disciplines such as ‘Navigation Technology’ and ‘Navigation and Sailing Directions’ at a new level.

“In the new class, you can develop practical skills in the direction finding of terrestrial and celestial landmarks, determine compass corrections, set up and operate modern navigation equipment and replace lag and echo sounder antennas. It is extremely important for students to study using new apparatus that is the same type currently being installed on ships and that the students will use in the near future” he said.In addition to the new laboratory, this year the marine training room was modernized. A new ship weather station, weather fax and Navtex receiver, and a multifunctional display were all installed in the hydrometeorology room. The Nautical Astronomy room was replenished with sextants, star globes and other instruments.    

“In the near future we will install a high-voltage installation for the training of marine electricians, as well as upgrade software for training and testing the knowledge of the crew members of sea vessels. The main thing is that students do not lose the desire to learn, and our infrastructure and equipment allows us to ensure the educational process is at a high level”, said Dmitry Burkov, Director of the Maritime Institute.