Vladimir Nechaev: “Scientific Contacts are a Factor in the Reconciliation of People in Different Countries”

The Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, gave a speech at the international tourism forum "The World 165 Years After the Crimean War", that was held in Sevastopol with the participation of scientists and experts from Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland and Italy. “Wars are an extreme manifestation of the conflict of human relations. But the paradox is that over time, the common memory of them can become a factor in the rapprochement of people in different countries. We observe that this is true in the case of the Crimean War. Today, representatives of countries that entered coalitions hostile to Russia come to Sevastopol to bow to the graves of their ancestors and to see the places of events that make up their national history”, he said.He expressed hope that the forum will become a factor in the development of cooperation between people from different countries in the difficult modern geopolitical situation.

Presentations at the forum were also made by the head of the Department of Political Science of Sevastopol State University, Alexander Irkhin and Olga Moskalenko, Ph D at the Department of Theory and Practice of Translation.Following the forum, its participants signed a resolution in which they recommended to continue the practice of holding international scientific and practical conferences in Crimea.