Representatives of Sevastopol State University and the Deputy Governor of Zhengzhou (China) Discussed the Prospects of Creating a Joint Centre for Innovative Research


The project of creating the centre - a joint research institute of industrial technologies - was at the forefront of the visit by a delegation from Sevastopol State University, that included plenary discussions and negotiations with the Deputy Governor of Zhengzhou and government and business representatives.“We plan to collaborate on the development of innovations.

We will conclude agreements and introduce our innovative developments in China”, said Alexey Chuklin, Head of the Department for the Organization of Scientific Research at Sevastopol State University.Sevastopol State University joined a consortium of Russian universities that will share their competencies in the Russian-Chinese international centre specializing in the fields of micro and nanoelectronics, devices, nuclear technology and electrical engineering in the framework of partnership and strategic cooperation between Russia and China.

The protocol of intentions to create an international centre was signed with one of the biggest companies in Henan.

“The company can act as a single window for the entry of Sevastopol State University into China. The representatives of business and Chinese authorities plan to maintain contacts with the university via the company. This is a good way to enter China's high-tech markets”, said Chuklin.Negotiations were also held with the Deputy Mayor of Tami, the fastest growing satellite city of Zhengzhou.