Sevastopol State University Signed an Agreement on the Creation of Underwater Robots

Sevastopol State University has signed an agreement on long-term cooperation with the company ‘NPO Aurora’ in the field of the creation, development and use of marine robotic systems, autonomous and remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicles and their joint promotion on the market.

According to Alexey Chuklin, Deputy Rector of Sevastopol State University for Radiation Safety, Physical Protection, and the Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials, the parties combining their expertise in the agreement expect to offer development of the analysis of underwater terrain and underwater technical systems, as well as various kinds of underwater works to the economy.

“Aurora has great expertise in the development of underwater vehicles, that can dive to a depth of up to a thousand meters. Our special feature is the use of manipulators and vision engineering systems, that is, technology for converting a video signal into certain data. In addition, we have an underwater 3D printer that allows repair work underwater. Based on the results of our joint work, we get a new product that will allow us to enter new markets”, said Chuklin.

In addition to the fact that Sevastopol State University united the developers of technology for underwater manipulators into a single center, it has access to ice-free sea, which allows experiments to be carried out all year round.

The university and the company intend to jointly design the bow compartment of an autonomous underwater vessel equipped with a stereoscopic vision system and a lightweight manipulator complex that has five degrees of freedom, as well as a compartment for radio electronic equipment, including sonar communication equipment and an underwater 3D laser scanner (LIDAR). It is planned to study the possibilities of creating a manipulator complex for technical work underwater.

“Underwater robotics was chosen as the closest area of ​​cooperation, but the partners were also interested in the developments of Sevastopol State University in modern micro and nanoelectronics and integrated circuits that will complete the import substitution program”, said Sergey Dudnikov, Director of the Institute of the National Technological Initiative.

The parties to the agreement expect that joint development will allow them to take part in the implementation of large-scale projects of national importance, in particular in the field of gas and oil production.