Sevastopol State University has Received an Offer to Train Marine Archaeologists For Syria

The authorities in Syria have turned to Sevastopol State University with a proposal to train specialists in underwater archeology for them, the Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, told the Russian news aganecy TASS.

“The Syrian side will send students to Sevastopol State University to form its own school of underwater archeology. Long-term cooperation covers a five-year period and is associated with the creation of scientific and methodological foundations for the formation of Syrian structures specializing in the protection and study of the Syrian maritime heritage”, said Mr Nechaev.

He specified that an expedition from Sevastopol State University is currently working in Syria, studying the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the country. The University concluded an agreement with the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of the Ministry of Culture of the Syrian Arab Republic to create a permanent Syrian-Russian archaeological mission. Scientists from the University have already gained great experience in underwater expeditions.

“A school in the field of marine archeology, unique for our country and competitive in the international arena, has been created at Sevastopol State University. The University has unique expeditionary capabilities, including modern technology, equipment and scientists”, said the rector.

From ancient times, there have been port cities on the coast of modern Syria, along which maritime trade routes passed. Due to this, the area is very interesting for scientists.