Sevastopol State University will Become the Center of Expertise for the Sustainable Development of Sevastopol and Crimea

A strategic session aimed at combining the efforts of the university, authorities, business and society in the sustainable development of the city and the region was held at Sevastopol State University.According to Ivan Kusov, Director of the Institute for City Development at Sevastopol State University, the initiatives proposed at the strategic session will transform the scientific and business climate of the region and allow it to achieve sustainable systemic transformations.

“The philosophy of sustainable development came from ecology, from the awareness of world problems in the middle of the 20th century. The term ‘sustainable development’ appeared on the basis of the fact that it is necessary to develop, observing the laws of nature and the ecological and social norms of living. You need to think about the future of the city from this position”, he said.Vladimir Nechaev, the Rector of Sevastopol State University believes that this is not an accidental topic for the University.

“In recent years, the University has taken on an important mission: to promote the development of the city. We need a comprehensive approach and understanding of how landscape, territory, nature, history, culture and technology are combined. This is necessary for a good and prosperous life,” he said.According to the Deputy Governor of Sevastopol, Vladimir Bazarov, the help of experts is required to implement the strategy.

“We have already agreed that on an ongoing basis we will attract university representatives as experts, at least in the field of the development of public territories”, he said.“We are only at the beginning of the road, but there are already many elements of environmental construction from which you can make a university campus comfortable. Here is a wonderful place for a pilot building, the center of which looks like a showroom, plus you can use smart technologies - new types of lighting, ventilation, cooling, insulation systems, new materials for construction and decoration and control systems in the building and others”, said the guest of the event, Guy Alexander Imz, an international expert in the field of sustainable development and the Chairman of the Council for Environmental Development in Russia.

The Institute of City Development of Sevastopol State University positions itself as a center of expertise for the sustainable development of the city and region.

“We need to develop a model of interaction with the authorities, public organizations, the scientific community and the world scientific community”, said Mr Kusov.In concluding the session, the parties signed an agreement on strategic partnership in the field of sustainable development of the city and the region. According to Dmitry Narinsky, Vice President of the Union of Architects of Russia, cooperation can be built in different areas and formats.