A Key Enterprise of Rosatom is Interested in Students and Graduates of Sevastopol State University

A meeting with representatives of the The All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (VNIIEhF), a key enterprise of Rosatom, located in Snezhinsk was held at Sevastopol State University. The Institute is interested in students and graduates of Sevastopol State University.

“We offer students to undergo scientific, industrial and undergraduate practical work. We provide trainees with a hostel and a salary in the region of 18,000 rubles”, said Roman Protas, a leading researcher at the research department ofVNIIEhF.

“Sevastopol State University trains specialists in almost all the specialties demanded by our enterprise. We are ready to accept the practice or work of physicists, engineers, instrument-makers, nuclear scientists, and specialists in radio electronics, IT and many others”, he added.