The Rector of Sevastopol State University Took Part in the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation ‘ProeKTOriA’

The Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev, was a participant in the ‘Rector's Hour’, that was held as part of the All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation ‘ProeKTOriA’ on 26 November in Yaroslavl.

The key topic of the ‘Rector’s Hour’ was the dialogue in the ‘no tie’ format about the goals and objectives of the federal projects ‘New School’ and ‘Every Child’s Success’, as well as a conversation about the roles and new opportunities of universities - what the university can offer a student in terms of the formation and superstructure of competencies. An informal dialogue between high school students and the supervisors of higher schools and universities touched on the results of Project 5-100, the digital transformation of higher education created by scientific and educational centres at a world level.


“At Sevastopol State University we have a unique institution - the Institute of the National Technology Initiative. We were thinking about how to educate specialists for the markets of the future. It is possible to train such specialists only if you are engaged in the processes of creating the future, when you participate in research, development projects, entrepreneurship - when you create this future, you understand it. We are a university that is trying to build the future. So, today we are creating unmanned, crewless ships”, said Nechaev.

The rector also noted the importance of the cultural and historical context in which Sevastopol State University exists. In total, more than 500 schoolchildren, 120 teachers and 50 companies and universities from 80 regions of the country took part in the ‘ProeKTOriA’ forum.

The themes of the forum corresponded to six global challenges of our time: ‘Ecology’, ‘Cultural Code’, ‘Production Revolution’, ‘Health’, ‘Habitat’ and ‘Safety’. Schoolchildren and teachers will work with leading Russian employers and the authors of the best solutions will be able to apply for higher education in universities and employment in companies.

For four days, schoolchildren and teachers worked with cases from leading Russian companies. The authors of the best solutions can apply for employment in companies and enrollment in universities.


The All-Russian forum of vocational guidance ‘ProeKTOriA’ (formerly ‘Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia’) has been held by order of the President of the Russian Federation since 2013 and brings together leading experts and industry leaders, the best educators of the country and motivated students to solve pressing issues in the field of vocational guidance and self-determination.

The forum is included in the national project ‘Education’.