Foreign Scientists are Ready to Cooperate with Biophysicists at Sevastopol State University Despite Western Sanctions

Scientists from the USA, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Mongolia and other countries presented their reports at the International Scientific and Technical Conference ‘Actual Issues of Biological Physics and Chemistry’, that is jointly held by Moscow State University and Sevastopol State University. This year it was held in Moscow.

“Despite the fact that Crimea is under Western sanctions, foreign scientists have shown interest in our research. A colleague from Brazil has already sent information that will allow cooperation to take place and another colleague from the USA said that he didn’t care about the sanctions and he would come to Sevastopol”, said Maxim Evstigneev, the Co-chair of the conference and Vice-Rector for Development and Scientific and Innovative Activities at Sevastopol State Universitity .

A conference on biophysics has been held in Sevastopol since 2005. Two years ago, Moscow State University, the university that was the founder of Russian biophysics, proposed to work together to give the event international status.

“In Sevastopol there is an interesting scientific group. There are very good students and a wonderful report was made by the vice-rector. We also collaborate in research. Russian science lacks unifying motives and an open discussion of the problems of molecular biophysics is mutually beneficial”, said Vsevolod Aleksandrovich Tverdislov, a Professor at Moscow State University, twice winner of the Lomonosov Prize and Head of the Department of Biophysics at the Physics Department of Moscow State University.