A Student Seminar with Morocco in the Form of a Video Conference was Held at Sevastopol State University


The Department of Theory and Practice of Translation at Sevastopol State University and Ibn Tofail University in Kenitra, Morocco held the first joint student seminar on the history and geography of Crimea and Morocco.

Students of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations introduced Moroccan students to the unique geography, stand out events in Crimean history and a view of current modern life in Sevastopol.

In turn, students of the University of Ibn Tofail prepared reports on traditional clothing and food, Moroccan folk crafts and even some of the secrets of oriental women.

French teachers Maria Seliverstova, Olga Aslanyan and Yulia Marchenko spoke about the history, structure and traditions of Sevastopol State University.

At the end of the seminar, a discussion took place where participants asked questions about study, student life and learning French.

University teachers at Ibn Tofail noted the high level of education of Sevastopol State University students in the field of French and expressed gratitude for the wonderful initiative.

“For our university, such a format of communication is something new, but we sincerely hope that such meetings will become a good tradition,” said Professor Louise Driss, a teacher of French.

In the framework of cooperation between Sevastopol State University and Ibn Tofail University, dedicated to the study of the Greater Mediterranean, a series of events is planned. The topic of the next seminar was proposed by the students themselves: the culture and tradition of both countries.