Starting This Year, it Will be Possible to Enroll at Sevastopol State University Online


Sevastopol State University, among 52 Russian universities, has become a member of the pilot project ‘Admission to a University Online’, the implementation of which allows a school graduate anywhere in the country to become a student at a participating university without a personal visit, queues and paper forms.

“You can file an application, put in the original certificate and control your place in the list from any remote point in Russia. In fact, a person will only come to study in September, ”said Alexei Baranov, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee of Sevastopol State University.

It is planned that by 2023 all universities in Russia will join the project. A prototype of a service serving online admission has already been launched on the public services website. Applicants to Sevastopol State University will be able to use it in June this year. To do this, you just need to register on the Unified Portal of State Services.

At the first stage, the service will help the graduate to choose a university. The service shows the passing points of last year in selected areas, helping to assess each person’s chances of admission.

Then the service generates the package of documents required for admission to the university. All fields are filled in automatically based on the digital profile of the applicant. It is only necessary to confirm the points received for the exam. The applicant can attach additional materials that confirm their achievements. For example, diplomas and certificates.

The service sends the documents to the selected universities, and within an hour the applicant receives confirmation of the receipt of the documents from educational institutions. Using the service, an applicant can track their place in the lists of universities. Each rating update is accompanied by a notification.

After the applicant has chosen a university and the academic programme, a statement of consent for admission is automatically generated. It is only necessary to put an electronic signature. The remaining universities are informed about the refusal of the applicant.

As a result, the future student receives a notification from the university about enrollment in the first year.

Only those who enter the bachelor and specialist academic programmes will be able to use the online admission. Participation in the testing of the service will allow Sevastopol State University to contribute to its improvement and set up its own digital services for integration, prepare employees for work in a new format, and carry out explanatory work with applicants.