Leaders of Project Training are Educated at Sevastopol State University

In the new academic year at Sevastopol State University, the methods of educating engineering personnel will change. The Polytechnic Institute, the Institute of Radio Electronics and Information Security and the Institute of Information Technologies and Systems and Control Engineering at Sevastopol State University will begin to educate design engineers. The curriculum will include a large educational module ‘Project Activities in the Professional Field’.

“The transition to a new model of project education is due to the fact that the industrial partners of the university want to see engineers of the future. Our task is to expand the range of industrial partners and obtain design tasks for student teams. Students will solve these tasks together with the supervisors of the project education who we are training at the moment and supervisors who represent industrial partners”, said Daria Risukhina, Deputy Director for Modernization and Methodological Support of Educational Activities of the Directorate for the Development of Educational Programmes at Sevastopol State University.

Nowadays, leaders of project training are being trained at Sevastopol State University, using the experience of colleagues from Cherepovets State University. For many years this university has been implementing system-based design education in close cooperation with giants of Russian industry, Severstal and PhosAgro.

“Our task is to create conditions where you can initiate projects. They need to be born directly inside the educational system. In groups we will discuss working with a problem, project management and facilitation. These formats are relevant today in all universities, ”said the First Vice-Rector of Cherepovets State University, Alexander Strizhov.

Project education allows you to more closely associate graduate training with the requirements of its potential employers - industrial enterprises.

“The demand for this is growing because technology is changing very quickly. It is important that already at the university, students get involved as much as possible in work on specific projects related to current trends in the market”, said the Rector of Sevastopol State University, Vladimir Nechaev.

In addition, he believes, it is important that during the creation of projects, students go through a process of collective teamwork, learn to understand common tasks and their role in achieving them. This skill is important for a successful career as a future specialist.