A Career Support Center for Students has Started Work at Sevastopol State University

A career support center was created at Sevastopol State University to facilitate the employment and career development of university graduates. Viktoria Strelnikova, the Acting Director of the center, spoke about it.

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“Our main goal is to help students build a professional development path from the first year. The image of any university is evaluated by how graduates are employed. How can you evaluate the quality of the university if students are not in demand? The university is interested in ensuring that each student develops successfully in their field.

The center’s task is to help students to understand the direction they choose during their studies, help them gain additional competencies, and take part in activities that are useful for development.

It is no secret that a set of informal competencies is also important for employers. The university gives professional skills as part of the training programme, but you need to have additional skills to expand your professional capabilities.

Representatives of the Career Center participate in conducting open lectures, career master classes and workshops, organizing internships and meetings with successful people in the city and region, and telling the success stories of graduates.

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The first course at the university as part of a career path is an introductory one and during this period general cultural competencies need to be instilled into students. Students must adapt and understand who they are and what they do.
I remember that in my first year: I did not think about a career but dreamed about passing the first session. But life shows that you need to think about a career from the very beginning.

In the second or third year, we discuss professional volunteering. A student studying in his field should benefit people and get involved in project training. This may be, for example, assisting older people in computer development and digital curating.

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If we are talking about graduation courses, this is gaining managerial competencies and mentoring.

It is also important for the center to keep in touch with graduates, so that, respecting and loving the university, appreciating it as an alma mater, they have the opportunity to act as mentors and inspire students.

At the end of April we are planning a big event called ‘Career Time’ that will include a presentation of master’s programmes, presentations by employers, a job fair and master classes where students will learn how to pass an interview and write a resume.


The career center will also work in conjunction with employers. This is the most important and difficult component. I am a bridge between employers and students. We communicate directly with employers: negotiations are ongoing with the employment center and industrial partners.

In our group https://vk.com/careersevsu there are always messages about vacancies, internships and interesting projects. I advise you to go there more often.