Sevastopol Has Potential in Advanced Technology Industries

This conclusion was made by scientists at the Institute of Finance and Economics of Management at Sevastopol State University, having examined the structure of the economy by industry within the framework of the grant ‘Scientific and Methodological Foundations for the Management of the Innovative Development of Sevastopol’.

“Sevastopol has potential in industries that provide electric energy and gas, robotics, software production, fiber-optic and electronic industries. It is advisable that the economic development of the city is based precisely on high growth rates in these sectors”, said Elena Garmashova, a Docent at the Department of Enterprise Economics at Sevastopol State University.

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After analyzing the data of the Federal Statistics Service, scientists conducted monitoring of the scientific, technical and innovative activities of Sevastopol, that are necessary for the development of industries of a more advanced level.“It was revealed that, despite the relatively small costs, the scientific results in Sevastopol are quite high. This indicates a high scientific, technical and industrial-technological potential of the city”, said Elena.

The group of teachers at the Department of Enterprise Economics, developed a methodology for assessing the level of innovative development of the region using economic and mathematical modeling. Scientists calculated the proposed index for eight regions of the Southern Federal District of Russia since 2014.“The Rostov region ranks first in the Southern Federal District in terms of innovation development. Sevastopol is in the second position, Crimea - in the fourth-fifth. Our regions belong to regions with an average level of innovative development”, Elena said.The Mayak Technopark Association has already become interested in the developments of Sevastopol State University, since the analysis of innovative and scientific-technical activities in Sevastopol is the basis for developing the technopark concept, determining its priorities and key areas of specialization.“With regard to the prospects for the development of innovation in the city, here it is worth highlighting Sevastopol State University, which could become a powerful center for technology transfer and the training of highly qualified personnel in the region”, said Elena.